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Enter this action packed humor filled game as a lawnmower wanting revenge. You feel that people that you for granted, everyone has a lawnmower. You've been tossed, taken apart and even put on Ebay. THIS IS THE END. If you break all the other lawnmowers, for sure everyone will have to choice but to use you and keep you in good shape. Say goodbye to your lawnmower friends 'cause they just became your enemies....

This game has been made by Unity3d and was coded using aspects of UFPS and Photon multiplayer cloud. All models and textures are originally made. Thank you to the game testers who helped make this game a "game". Also a big thanks to Julien, our model creator. For instructions on how to play the game, read the .txt file in the game folder. This is a freetoplay BETA of this game. This version of game is only meant to help create a full paid-for version. All beta players will have a chance to get the full game for free. Any ideas, input or feedback is greatly appreciated. Please if you have any ideas for new weapons, maps, lawnmowers or even story line, email us at hj398646@gnspes.ca. This game was created by four people in class 802 at Rocky Lake Junior High in Nova Scotia, Canada as a school project. Therefore take it easy on us, this game isn't perfect :).


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